There’s no reason for your life

or your brand to be subpar

and all over the place.

Would you attend a Beyonce concert with chipped nail polish, gym shoes, and a lackluster outfit? Probably not. So why would you launch a brand that isn’t up to Yonce standards? First impressions are everything!

Let us help you!


You deserve a brand that you’re proud of and we can help with that. We have services to cover everything from our full branding experience to just giving you a touch-up.

Tech Support

Are you overwhelmed by all the maintenance that comes with your website? No worries, babe, we will handle ALL of your site support so that you can focus on what you do best.


You don’t have to do this alone babe. Lead the transformation of your own brand as we guide and support you along the way with everything aesthetics, strategy, and messaging.

Branding Babes is a full-service branding agency for the millennial woman who values quality aesthetics, authentic messaging and making bold boss moves in style. 

We Get It...
We Get It...


We know what it’s like to balance running a business with having a social life, friends, and family, while also trying to carve out time for self-care.



We know what it’s like to spend days, months, and even years feeling confused and unmotivated about the direction of our brands and businesses.



We know what it’s like to make a bet on yourself and jump into entrepreneurship with no team, funding, or blueprint.

Lead Magnet (1)

The Creative Dream Team

We strategize, design, and coach together while having a lot of fun every day. Who knew dream jobs existed?

Candice VanWye

Sales & Marketing

Michelle Benjamin

Strategy & Design

What They Say.

I didn't expect to leave feeling so challenged yet inspired to really "do the work" for my business and brand. It's safe to say that I have two meetings scheduled for the upcoming week and I secured a partnership for branding and visual design.

Nakoreya Roberson

It was amazing. There was a lot of learning, there was critiquing of websites and Instagram pages, the coworking space is phenomenal, it gave me tons of ideas.

Maria Stuart

Let me tell you my keywords: support, love, dream, happiness, openness, this was far beyond my expectations. Invest in yourself. You're only as good as what you put into yourself.

Safiyyah O'Quinn

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